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Get Fit or Lose Weight Today

Are washboard abs your dream?  Do you want a flat, firm stomach?  This article will examine how to lose your belly fat.

You need to realize that your belly is the first area where you will see large amounts of fat accumulate and it is the last area where you will lose it.  That’s why you will sometimes see otherwise fit people with a little bit of a pouch.  Even people who go to the gym regularly and mostly eat right can be concerned with their stomachs because every mistake is written there. How to lose your belly fat starts with the concept that you’ve got to be in pretty good shape to start with.

If you are 50 pounds over weight, you shouldn’t be concerned with how to lose your belly fat right now.  Your present concern is losing the extra weight.  A general combination of diet and cardio and strength training exercises is what you want to focus on.

If you are at your ideal weight or weigh 5 pounds more, then you can start worrying about how to lose your belly fat.  At this point, you have a good chance of really tackling the problem.

Most people advocate sit ups or crunches to take off this last little bit.  Indeed, sometimes “belly fat” isn’t fat at all but untoned muscles.

If you do have belly fat, a step up from sit ups and crunches is using a stability ball.  Scientists at Sacramento State University in California took muscle fiber samples from people who regularly did crunches and people who regularly used a stability ball and found that the ball users had twice the muscle fiber.  This $30 piece of equipment that you can buy at a sporting goods store is well worth the investment.

Next, consider exercises that bring your legs level to or above your waist.  Many people have found that kickboxing is an excellent activity to give them flat stomachs.  Not only are you getting a great cardio workout with kickboxing, but you are also moving your legs above your waist line.  This is important, because it works out the muscles in your lower belly.

Dancing is also an activity that can help you get the perfect stomach.  All kinds of dancing are good, but (and this one is mostly for the ladies), belly dancing specifically targets the muscles in that region.  Join a belly dancing class at the local community center or just get video tapes that show you how to do it.

Don’t rely solely on cardio type activities though.  You need to be building your muscle mass.  Remember that muscle burns fat and when you have more muscle, you are burning fat all day long not just when you work out.

Many people focus on their stomachs as a sore point when they are really overweight all over.  For them, I say “get in shape.”  Only then will you lose the belly fat.

But, if you are fit, losing the tummy can be the result of doing specific exercises that target the problem area.

And, that’s how to lose your belly fat.

Get Fit or Lose Weight

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Safe Weight loss Drink Visalus Shakes, Pills could be dangerous

Lose Weight or Get Fit Today

People looking to lose weight, especially if they really want to lose weight quickly, may try to find a shortcut. For many individuals who want to lose weight pills seem to offer an easy way to reach their weight reduction goal without having to put in nearly as much hard work. In reality, some weight loss pills can be dangerous. Some pills, even those that are made with all-natural ingredients, can have undesired and adverse effects on one’s health and should be approached with caution. In some cases these pills are completely ineffective and don’t perform up to their hype. Like any other dietary supplement or medication, you should never purchase and take any form of lose weight pills without first consulting with your doctor or medical professional.

That said, you should also understand that there are many safe and effective “lose weight pills” on the market. Responsible companies that produce and market legitimate weight loss supplements almost always carefully research the ingredients in their products, and these companies develop them under strict controls and using the highest product standards. Once they’ve created a supplement’s formula, the responsible companies then test their supplements extensively. Generally speaking, the best companies will most often invest a great deal of money in their products before they’re released for sale.

While pills can be effective as a diet aid, they aren’t a panacea. In order to lose weight safely and permanently, changes in lifestyle aren’t just a good idea, they’re almost certainly a necessity. If you talk to a doctor about healthy and effective weight loss they’re probably going to tell you that in order to have success you’re going to have to modify your diet and increase the amount of exercise you engage in. There isn’t an abundance of legitimate shortcuts to proper weight loss, and it really doesn’t seem that there are any magic “lose weight pills” available that can force your body to burn off those unwanted pounds without adjustments to your diet and without a proper approach to physical activity and exercise.

More and more in our modern society, it seems that many people are looking for instant gratification and a quick fix, and that holds true even when it comes to getting their bodies in shape. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that for many people, to rapidly lose weight pills are a popular choice to knock off the pounds rapidly. While there are many responsible and legitimate companies offering safe and effective weight loss supplements, there may be other unsafe and unhealthy “lose weight pills” out there in the marketplace. If you’re considering using supplements such as these to help aid your weight loss, consult with your doctor or medical professional and make sure you only use diet pills in a responsible manner.

Lose weight or Get Fit Today

 ViSalus is the #1 weight loss and fitness challenge platform in North America. Visit our website for information about Visalus and our products; information on this blog is for general weight loss knowledge if you want to try the great product Visalus is feel free to contact us!

If you’re looking around for help with how to lose weight fast then really sticking to some of the basics is often the way forward for most people.  This is because pretty much opting for a fad diet might work in the short term, but once the weight has gone and you go back to your ‘normal’ eating patterns, the weight will surely come back.

With that said though, there are some really powerful ways to lose weight fast and keep it off.  To begin with if you are someone who is not eating a healthy diet then you should look closely at that and make some changes.

Fruits and vegetables have high water content and are great sources of natural fiber, so aim to eat at least five portions per day and this will kick start your weight loss.  This is also why substituting one of your meals per day with a healthy fruit and vegetable juice, that you have juiced and blended yourself, can be a great way to lose weight fast.

With that said, skipping meals without substituting them with a healthy and nutritional alternative is not the way to go to lose weight.  Instead make sure that you are eating at least three healthy meals a day as this will keep your metabolism working throughout the day.  Skipping a meal will slow down your metabolism and so the burning of fat will be reduced and your weight loss will also be reduced.  Above all treat breakfast as the most important meal of the day as this is your first chance of the day to get your metabolism working.

It’s a fact that not everyone enjoys exercise, but if you’re looking to lose weight, then exercise is a must.  The key here is to find a physical activity that you absolutely enjoy, that way when you don’t feel like you can go on, then the fact that you enjoy the activity will keep you going.

If you’re trying to lose weight fast for an upcoming event in your life: a wedding, a vacation or simply to fit into that gorgeous new dress, then keep that thought in your mind as a way to motivate yourself.  Nothing will help you in your quest better than visualizing yourself miserable if you fail.  On the back of that, see yourself succeeding and wearing that dress and how wonderful you will look and feel and you have a real and powerful tool to use in your favor.

Above all, aim for natural and safe weight loss and you will not only achieve, but you will maintain what you have achieved.

“How to lose lower belly fat?”  It is a cry heard around the western world as people become fatter.  Men, especially worry about pot bellies and having stomachs hanging over the belt line.  As washboard abs are a sign of sexiness, many men look for solutions to How do I lose lower belly fat?

The key is that you need to do a variety of kinds of exercises.  The best strategy is to do an hour of cardio exercises every other day and 45 minutes to an hour of strength training every other day.

Walking, running, cycling, and working out on cardio equipment at the gym all qualify as aerobic exercises. 

To deal specifically with the question of how to lose lower belly fat, you need to realize that lower stomach fat is different than the rest of your abs.  Sit ups and ab workouts can help, but they will not get rid of it.  You need to do cardio in combination with your ab workouts.  You may not see results right away, but keep at it.

Besides sit ups, Hata Yoga can help with lower belly fat.  Vajrasana exercises involve you bending to the front of your knees which provides a great workout.  This kind of yoga should be done under the guidance of an instructor if you are a beginner.

In addition to normal “stomach exercises,” work with your legs.  Do exercises that require your legs to come level with or above your lower waist line.  This causes your lower abdominal muscles to work in order for you to keep your balance.  Kickboxing is a great example of a type of exercise that can keep your stomach completely flat.

Vigorous dancing can provide this kind of leg exercises.  In addition to helping you lose weight, it tones your legs and helps you to lose belly fat.  Belly dancing in particular will work to rid you fo belly fat.  You can either join a class or get videos to teach you the movements.

But cardio-type exercise alone will not answer the question “How to get rid of lower belly fat?”  Indeed, you must involve some weight training at least three times a week.

Remember that muscle mass burns fat.  When you put on muscle, your body is burning fat all day, not just when you exercise.  So, don’t neglect this aspect of losing your lower belly fat.

You have to get close to your ideal body weight in order to have the firm, flat stomach you desire.  Your lower belly fat will be among the last fat you lose.  If you are 50 pounds overweight, getting in shape should be your first goal, because your long term goal of losing lower belly fat will only happen when most of your other fat is gone.  So, if you are a pretty fit person who just has a little pouch, some specific types of exercises will work.  But, if you are overweight, it is going to take some long term work.

And that’s the answer to the question, “How to lose lower belly fat?”

After you have a child, you may want to lose baby belly fat.  After you recover from your pregnancy and delivery, getting back in shape takes focus and determination.  But you can lose the pregnancy pounds quickly if you follow this simple plan.  This plan incorporates strength training using a stability ball, high intensity cardio, and a modified diet program.  In just two weeks, you can lose baby belly fat.

First, to lose baby belly fat, you need to buy a stability ball.  These retail for about $30 in a sporting goods store.  Most women will want a 22 inch ball.  If you are under 5’1, buy the 18 inch and if you are over 5’8, go for the 26 incher. 

A study at Sacramento State University found that people who used stability balls to lose belly fat had developed twice the number of muscle fibers as those who did normal crunches.  As you can see, this will help you lose baby belly fat quickly, so you’ll want to get one. 

There will be a number of exercises in the manual that comes with the stability ball, but I want to feature a couple here that are especially helpful when you want to lose baby belly fat.

The first is the reverse crunch.  Lying on your back, press your legs into the ball and lift it 3 to 6 inches off the floor.  Hold it for one second, lower and repeat. 

The second is the rock and roll.  Get on your knees and put your elbows on the ball.  Then lift your body until you are on your tippy toes at a 45 degree angle to the floor.  Hold this position for one second, relax, and repeat.

Cardio is important in this plan as well.  Try to get a 45 minute heart healthy workout at least 3 times a week to lose baby belly fat.  This can include swift walking, jogging, cycling, or using any cardio machine at the gym.

The final component is to modify your eating habits.  Try to eat 500 calories less than what you would need to maintain your weight.  For instance, a 5’4 140 pound active 28 year old woman would need 2400 calories to maintain her weight.  She should have a diet of just 1900 calories for the two weeks she is on this program.

Finding ways to reduce calories for a short period of time is actually easier than you might imagine.  For instance, making your latte with skim rather than whole milk saves 120 calories.  You can live with that for two weeks, can’t you?  Other swaps include eating air popped popcorn instead of potato chips (saves 95 calories) and substituting ½ cup of sliced strawberries and ½ cup fat free vanilla yogurt for your traditional “fruit on the bottom” yogurt cup (saves 105 calories).  Make 4 to 5 of these substitutions a day and you’re on your way to lose baby belly fat.

When you have a new child in the house, it can be hard to find the time and energy to put into a new exercise and diet program.  But, if you really want to lose baby belly fat, you can follow this routine and be back in shape in just 2 weeks.


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Do you suffer from a gut that just won’t stop?  Well, you don’t have to put up with this condition.  With some hard work, you can get flat abs in just 30  short days.

The key to flat abs is is a regimen that works all of your abdominal muscles.  You should do the following exercises a minimum of four times a week for four weeks if you want to get flat abs in just one month.

You will notice that none of these exercises to get flat abs in 30 days requires any special equipment.  You can do the entire workout on your floor needing only a bottle of water.

First, you will do belly rolls.  These work your vertical ab muscles.  What you do is sit with your legs bent, feet flat on the floor with your arms straight in front of you.  Exhale your breath and roll back until your lower back touches the ground.  Then inhale and roll back up.

You will want to repeat the belly rolls 15 times and then do this variation: when you exhale, roll your body back until your shoulders touch the ground.  Repeat the shoulder belly rolls 15 times as well.

Next up is tummy curls.   These work your horizontal ab muscles.  What you will do is lie on your back and bend your knees at about an 80 degree angle.  Raise your feet slightly higher than your knees.  Lift your rear end and roll back to your shoulder blades.  Inhale and then roll to your tail bone without letting your butt touch the ground.  Repeat the tummy curls 20 times.

The third exercise is the cross crunches which help out your waist.  You are going to use a 1 liter bottle of water to do this exercise.  Lie on your back with your knees bent at a 90-degree angle with the floor and cradle your left hand behind your head. Hold the water bottle in your right hand.  Lift your head and shoulders off of the ground and reach across your body, so the bottle is outside your left knee. Repeat 20 times before switching sides and doing it another 20 times.

Tailbone lifts are the next exercise and they work your lower ab muscles.  What you are going to do is lie on your back, arms stretched straight over your head and legs fully extended and crossed in the air. Exhale as you lift your tailbone, and then slowly lower your back as you inhale.  Resist the urge to just drop on the way down.  Do this exercise 30 times before moving on.

The final exercise is inverted crunches.  These work your lower back muscles.  To perform this exercise, lie on your stomach, arms in front of you as if flying. Exhale and lift just your right arm and left leg as high as you can. Then inhale and lower your leg. Switch off, lifting your left arm and right leg. Alternate sides, doing 20 lifts on each side. As a final step, lift both arms and legs 20 times.

If you want to get flat abs in just 30 days, you will follow this exercise regime diligently for a full month.  Remember to schedule in the exercises at least four times per week.

While there are no magic cures for getting rid of belly fat, flat abs in 30 days is not an impossibility with the right amount of work.

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Many people think that they don’t know how to exercise for a long life, but really any activity that increases your heart rate and gets your blood pumping is an exercise that can be included in a healthy lifestyle. The key to maintaining a healthy exercise routine and sticking with it is to find an activity that you enjoy and making sure that you do it with consistency. 

When you are learning how to exercise, you will find that there are a great many resources on the topic of exercise that you can use to help you understand how activity affects your body. The most important part of exercise that is stressed in all of these resources is consistency.  You must find an activity that you like so that you will be sure to do it every single day. For some, running is the activity that they enjoy. For others, it might be riding a bike around their neighborhood. There are so many activities to choose from that there is bound to be one that you will enjoy.

Some of the key points to understand when you are learning how to exercise is how to remain safe. Running, for instance, can be very hard on the joints and you should learn how to lessen the impact on your joints so that you don’t injure yourself while taking part in your favorite activity. If you injure yourself while exercising, it can put you on the sidelines for a while and keep you from getting your daily exercise. 

Stretching and cooling down are an important part of your exercise routine. When learning how to exercise, you should be sure to include a warm up period and a cool down period before and after your exercise routine to prevent injury during your workout. A good warm up will prepare your muscles for the strain that you are about to put on them and a cool down will bring your muscles down to a normal state after you have worked them with your routine. 

Finding an exercise that you love is a great discovery. Moving your body and experiencing increased strength and endurance will make you wonder why you waited so long. The bottom line is that exercise feels good. There will be an increase in your energy levels during the day and this will mean that you are more productive in your work and daily life. 

You can also lose weight with your exercise routine. When learning how to exercise, you will be expending more calories than you typically are and your body will burn them for the energy to use in your new activity. You may even be able to lose weight without a heavily restricted diet as well. 

Explore all of the activities that you can take part in when you are first learning how to exercise to find the one that will keep you coming back again and again. This is the best way to stick to a routine and gain some consistency in your exercise efforts. The benefits that you gain will far outweigh any extra time that is given to exercise.

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Pilates Reformer exercises are the exercises you do on a Reformer, otherwise known as a Pilates machine. If you’ve taken Pilates classes or exercised at home with a video or DVD, you may have never done actual Pilates Reformer exercises before.

If you can find classes in your area that offer you the use of the Reformer, consider giving them a try. Joseph Pilates designed the Reformer to give the ultimate workout with few repetitions in a short amount of time. There really is no comparison the Pilates Reformer exercises.

You can still get all the benefits of Pilates if you simply do the movements that mimic those one can do you on the Reformer. This is the type of Pilates most classes teach, and that you’ve done if you’ve ever done Pilates with an at home recorded workout.

But doing Pilates Reformer exercises is like doing twice as many Pilates movements on your own. The intensity is greater, and the movements are being doing exactly as they were intended when you’re on a machine. The high cost of Reformers is the biggest reason many areas don’t offer classes that use Pilates machines.

The Reformer is a unique type of exercise machine. It uses straps, pulleys and springs, and has a sliding platform that allows you to use the weight of your own body as resistance. Many different exercise machines made today use a similar setup, but the Pilates Reformer was the first machine designed quite that way.

Over 100 original Pilates exercises can be performed on one machine, which is an amazing number. And the design of the Pilates Reformer is such that you get the full benefit of each movement in every stage, whether you’re pushing or pulling. No matter what kind of Pilates Reformer exercises you’re doing, your muscles are being toned throughout the entire movement.

Using resistance bands or other resistance equipment during Pilates workouts is a popular way to offer some of the resistance benefits of a Pilates machine, but if you can find classes or a studio that offers Pilates Reformer exercises you might want to take advantage of it.

Pilates Reformers can be purchased for home use today. When they were fairly new, only celebrities and the very wealthy could own a Pilates machine. Now, they make them to fit every budget, and a good, used Reformer is something you might be able to find. A new Reformer will probably cost somewhere around $3,000, so if you find one for $200, be wary of the quality of the machine, even if it’s used.

If you’d like to try a Reformer but there aren’t any classes that offer the exercise in your area, look into private Pilates instruction. These sessions usually involve a Pilates machine, and can help you determine if one is a good investment.

After you try it, you might decide that your regular Pilates movements will do until Reformer classes are available. Keep watching, as new classes offering Pilates Reformer exercises are cropping up in most areas.

Millions of Americans undergo diet programs, in high hopes of controlling or losing weight. Unfortunately, not all these Americans are successful to keep their targeted weight off. So, what is the problem?

It can be because one of the three reasons:

• One is not sticking properly to the right regimen of the diet program; • One has chosen the wrong diet program; or

• Weight control products used are ineffective.

One of the common mistakes that these people commit when undergoing diet or weight loss programs is thinking they could get the fix overnight, so they always tend to overlook the requirements of properly losing weight. Also, it is not uncommon for people to enroll into a certain diet program but never sticks to its regimen afterwards.

In other cases, many people easily believe over the claims of some weight control products; thus, are also quickly trapped to false hopes of getting weight off their physical body immediately. Or that, are quickly chained into using ineffective products; hence, not gaining effective results at all.

Unfortunately, many people are yet to learn that they need the key to achieving your desired weight, which are the following:

• Using the right diet program/weight control product;

• Eating healthy, balanced foods; and

• Getting active in your daily lifestyle.

Conclusively, the kind of lifestyle you take together with the program or product has a large factor in accomplishing effective results. The bottom line, therefore, is to keep burning calories consistently because no matter how much expensive your program or product is, it would be useless if you constantly keep idling or being a couch potato.

Now, if you are going to choose from the many weight loss products available in the industry, remember that the number of choices is quite confusing. Nowadays, it isn’t surprising if you encounter hundreds of these products available through over the counter, local clinics, or your local dealers.

This number just shows how much intensified is the need of people to undergo some kind of weight loss/control program. Because of the dizzying number of these products, you need to be very vigilant than ever. In doing so, be sure to check with your physician, dietician, nutritionist, or whoever is the right person to consult with.

Investigate more than what is required. And finally, know every weight control product presented to you and compare each to ensure you end up with the right product that suits your needs.


When it comes to weight control products choices, the following are some of the claimed effective products include the following:

• Diet drink – usually powdered formulas either in milk, chocolate, shakes, or juice form.

• Prescription diet medicines – pills that contain appetite suppressant. Can also contain ephedra or phenolpropanolamine hydrochloride.

• Herbal nutritional program – usually, in the form of shakes, pills, etc.

• Diet pills – to be taken once or twice.

• Chitosan supplements – contain dietary fiber from shellfish.

• Chromium supplements – usually available as chromium salts for easy absorption.

• Green tea extra diet supplements – believed to contain strong antioxidants, in the form of polyphenol.

In addition to the above list, there are also others that are popularly claimed as weight loss products:

• Diet patches

• Electrical muscle stimulators

• Magnetic diet pills

• Magic earrings

• Bulk fillers

The above list of weight control products are found to yield side effects, some of which are safe while others are not. So it is really important that necessary investigation is done before resorting to any of those.

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People struggle to lose weight and keep weight off; it is one of the major problems of the western world, and can lead to heart failure, serious chronic illnesses such as diabetes, and has been linked to certain types of cancer. Losing weight is therefore essential, and exercise is probably the best way of doing this; but many people feel confused and intimidated by the idea of exercising.

One of the first questions they have is how much exercise for weight loss is necessary? Most of us exercise without knowing it, as even every-day activities burn calories; but not enough to help the body lose weight. Effective programs exist which are designed to help keep weight loss going, but don’t answer the vital question: how much exercise should I do to lose weight at a suitable pace?

The average person should not lose more than one or two pounds of body fat each week in order to keep healthy. Excessive and sudden weight loss may backfire, and cause the body to ‘starve’ itself; slower weight loss than this and a large meal may easily result in no weight loss at all.

In order to lose around one pound of fat per week, it is estimated that the body needs to burn 4,000 calories; this is aside from the regular ‘burning’ which the body does every day. Therefore, in order to maintain a weight loss of one pound per week, a person will need to exercise enough to burn off 500-600 calories a day.

Having worked out how many calories need to be burned in exercise every day, now we need to consider much exercise for weight loss this calorie burning requires.

Walking and other day-to-day exercises burn around 15 calories per pound of body weight. For each mile walked, the body burns around 100 calories – so 5 or 6 miles would need to be walked every day in order to lose that weight, a rather daunting prospect.

Good weight loss advice often concludes by suggesting that people should exercise for around half an hour every day. This is suitable for improving and maintaining health, but weight loss requires more effort. Studies have revealed that people who exercise for around 275 minutes a week lose more weight, and keep it off, than those who do less. This relates to 60-90 minutes of exercise every day. This regime would include some form of aerobic exercise such as bike-riding, swimming, or walking, and a period of ‘other’ exercise, the most beneficial being weight training.

When considering how much exercise is needed for beneficial weight loss, it is also worth considering the starting weight; the more pounds a person has, the more calories they will burn, just by standing still. However, for people struggling with weight loss, it is important to consider whether more exercise for weight loss would be a good idea. Of course, how much exercise for weight loss is done depends upon the willingness of the person exercising, but in general, four hours a week of exercise is the least amount of exercise needed to lose weight and keep weight off.

    ViSalus is the #1 weight loss and fitness challenge platform in North America. Visit our website for information about Visalus and our products; information on this blog is for general weight loss knowledge if you want to try the great product Visalus is feel free to contact us!

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